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Latest Item On The F1 Teams Cheat Sheet

There is a rumour floating around that teams have now found a way to pre heat the Pirellis more than permitted allowances, and such cheats were discovered post Monza and Singapore with the introduction of the Thermal Imaging Camera. The rumour is that teams are heating tyres to in excess of 110C where Pirelli have a guidance of 90C.

If you take what Paul Hembry said at Monza:

At a track like Monza the temperature range will be from 80-90 deg C at the start, when tyres come out of their blankets. The surface temperature can then go up to around 130 deg C, in particular at the end of La Roggia.

Teams can buy tyre warmers that can get up to the 110C range, that is no secret. Could the teams be using this as a way of pre curing the tyres before putting them on the car, its plausible. However tyres post Silverstone blow ups have been looking to try and gain extra back from what has been clawed back from the tyre restrictions applied in Germany from FIA Communication Document 8:

Tyre Operating Procedures

For safety reasons, we have been asked by Pirelli to ensure that the tyres on all cars are run under the conditions listed below. It will be the responsibility of each team to satisfy the FIA technical delegate that their cars comply with the following requirements at all times :

1) Minimum starting pressure front and rear : 16psi.

2) Minimum stabilised running pressure front : 20psi.

3) Minimum stabilised running pressure rear : 19psi.

4) Maximum negative EOS camber front : 4.0°.

5) Maximum negative EOS camber rear : 2.5°.

6) Front and rear tyres must be used on the side of the car for which they were originally designated (no swapping from side-to-side).

7) The blankets strategies set out in 13R09NUR Preview V3 must be observed.

I think Teams have been secretly boosting their blankets to temperatures outside the agreed limits as they are computer controlled to heat up in a certain order at certain times. I find it interesting that Pirelli have started to note the tyre temps as a car leaves the garage now in order to try and police a gate that has been opened and where the horse has bolted from.

How would I police the tyres better in  the future, id have a few simple rule changes to the above:

1) Minimum starting pressure front and rear: 19psi

2) Stabilised Running Front Pressure: 24psi

3) Stabilised Running Rear Pressure: 23psi

4) Maximum Negative Camber Front Starting: 2.5°

5) Maximum Negative Camber Rear Starting: 1.5°

6) Front and rear tyres must be used on the side of the car for which they were originally designated (no swapping from side-to-side).

7) Teams shall not be allowed to run tyre warmers at all, drivers must start with cold tyres in pit stops, start of the race drivers have to warm their own tyres in parade lap.

The reason for increased PSIs is that would make F1 rubber be closer to what is acceptable on the road as some cars have a PSI as high as 42. Cambers as this would narrow the cars in and leave the cars a bit less pointy for some drivers and keep tyre temps down quite a bit. 6 would remain the same, as i think its a good rule. As for 7, id ban tyre warmers as they are clearly able to be over-ridden to gain an advantage and no record is kept of them on a 15 min basis on both team and Pirelli side. And it would make the teams would then have to balance how quickly they tyre came in to wear rate, too quickly and you loose a lap on them, too late and you loose the undercut. Tyres should be a double edged sword that way, meaning the team that designs a tyre that can come in progressively but keep the undercut will gain more. Lets face it, GP2 and GP3 who also run Pirelli don’t have a problem with getting a tyre in its temp range as they take about two to two and a half laps, my guess is that a F1 car can gain temp in them in just over a full lap, maybes a lap and a sector.

How many times has Nico Rosberg been updated on his tyre temps in a race just to keep them in their operating window, which seems to be the thing thats most critical now,  operating window. If you have a car that can keep their tyres in that 10-15C operating window on both sets you are destined for a good weekend.

Also the teams would save €80,000 a month on shipping costs as tyre blankets are heavy and costly items to ship, HRT once spent €80,000 on 25 sets of them from the dissolved Epic World Series team for their operation. With them saving almost €1m in shipping costs, as most of the tyre blankets are sent as part of the teams equipment they use all the time, of which the teams have 8 aircraft containers to fill for transportation from race to race for the fly away races.

I think there will be more to come on this, but the theory in the paddock is that teams are boosting their tyre warmers to gain an extra advantage out of the pits.