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Formula 1 Staff Movements 2013 end to start 2014 (and some stats)

First off welcome back to my blog, and a new beginning in 2014. Hope all was well over the seasonal period. From the end of 2013 at Brazil to the start of the Pre Season Test season there has been many movements, many from the Lotus F1 team to other teams, but there has been many from Red Bull to other teams as well. Here is a summary of some of the environment switches in F1 in the past 6 or so months:

Red Bull Appointments

–       Richard Mead, Aerodynamics Engineer (former Electronics Engineer), from Mercedes HPP to RBR, Jul. 2013

–       Nick Gibbs, Trackside IT Support Engineer (former IT Analyst), from FI to RBR, Jul. 2013

Mercedes Appointments

–       Tito Amato, Senior Simulator Engineer (former Vehicle Dynamics Engineer), from Ferrari GeS to Mercedes, Oct. 2013

–       Craig Dear, Senior Aerodynamicist (former Aerodynamicist), from Williams to Mercedes, Jan. 2014

–       Enrico Balbo, Aerodynamics Group Leader, from Williams to Mercedes, Jan. 2014

–       Mark Ellis, will begin work at Mercedes in June 2014

–       Giles Wood, will begin work at Mercedes in June 2014

–       Mark Hudson, Pre Fir Engineer, Porsche AG

Ferrari Appointments

–       Florian Puget, ERS Hybrid Systems Engineer (former KERS Hybrid Systems Enginner), from Mercedes HPP to Ferrari, Nov. 2013

Lotus F1 Appointments

–       Riccardo Barri, Senior Composite Design Engineer, from Ferrari to Lotus, Sep. 2013

–       Gerson Brand, CFD Aerodynamicist (former Aerodynamicist), from Caterham to Lotus, Dec. 2013

McLaren Appointments

–       Adam Painter, Composite Design Engineer (former Junior Composite Design Engineer), from FI to McLaren, Jan. 2014

–       Andrew Jarvis, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer (Undisclosed)

–       Marieclaire Smid, Structural Design Engineer (Undisclosed)

–       Guillermo Vilaplana, Aerodynamicist (Undisclosed)

–       Andy Garratt, Spares Co-ordinator (Undisclosed)

–       Brian Gruncell, CFD Engineer (Undisclosed)

–       Ian Giles, Composite technician (Undisclosed)

–       Steven Reichard, Aerodynamic Design Engineer (Undisclosed)

–       Indi Kaur, Recruitment Assistant (Undisclosed)

–       Peter Prodromou (2015) From RBR

–       Dan Fallows (With Above) From RBR

–       Ciaron Pilbeam, Head Engineer, From Lotus

–       Eric Bullier, Team Pricniple, From Lotus (Highly Rumored)

Force India Appointments

–       Jonathan Marshall, Head of Vehicle Science (former Simulator Engineer), from Lotus to FI, Jan. 2014

–       James Knapton, Aero Data&Modelling Group Leader (former Head of Vehicle Dynamics), from Sauber to FI, Nov. 2013

–       Michael Tramonto, Design Engineer-Aerodynamics (former Aero Surface Designer), from STR to FI, Jan. 2014

–       Lawrence Wilkinson, Senior Control Systems Engineer (former Principal Control Engineer), from Mercedes to FI, Dec. 2013

Sauber Appointments

–       None

Toro Rosso Appointments

–       Frederic Launoy, Senior CFD Aerodynamicist, from Lotus to STR, Jan. 2014

–       Raffaele Boschetti, Technical Director Advisor (former ICT-A&IT Responsible), from Ferrari to STR, Jan. 2014

–       Davide Felappi, Aerodynamics Team Leader, from FI to STR, Oct. 2013

–       Paul Smart, Wind Tunnel R&D Engineer (former Aero Software Consultant), from Ferrari to STR, Jul. 2013

–       Charlie Constant, Simulation Engineer (former Tyre Performance Analysis Engineer), from Michelin to STR, Dec. 2013

–       Xevi Pujolar, Senior Race Engineer (former Chief Race Engineer), from Williams to STR, Jan. 2014

–       Steve Booth, Lotus Deputy Head of Mechanical Design to STR

–       Ricardo Penteado, Lotus to STR as Race Engine Support Leader

–       Ben Mallock Mercedes to STR as Deputy Head of Aero.

Williams Appointments

–       Jakob Andreasen, Head of Engineering Operations, from FI to Williams, Jan. 2014

–       Craig Wilson, Head of Vehicle Dynamics, from Mercedes to Williams, Jan. 2014

–       Rod Nelson, Chief Test & Support Engineer, from Lotus to Williams, Jan. 2014

–       Greame Hackland, IT Director, from Lotus to Williams, Jan. 2014

–       Shaun Whitehead left RBR June 2013, and joined Williams Jan. 2014

–       Rob Smedley, Felipe Massa Race Engineer, From Ferrari (Rumored), Mar-Jun 2014

Marussia Appointments

–       Rob van den Heijkant, Aerodynamics Team Leader (former Senior Aerodynamicist), from FI to Marussia, Jan. 2014

Caterham Appointments

–       Richard Messenger, from Lotus (Senior Aero Design Engineer) to become a Lead Surface Designer Dec 2013

Others Appointments

–       José Gallego Segura, Head of Aerodynamic Design (former Lead Design Engineer), from Lotus to Porsche, Jan. 2014

–       Martin Norek, Vehicle Performance Engineer-Simulation (former Vehicle Dynamics Engineer), from Sauber to Audi, Sep. 2013

–       Christopher Harley, Heaf of CFD-Aero (former Aerodynamicist), from FI to Wirth Research, Sep. 2013

As of November 2013 the figures at each team, excluding consultants is as follows:

Mercedes (Brackley, UK):          600 (Chassis Side)

Mercedes (Brixworth, UK):                  400 (Engine Side)

Lotus F1 (Einstone UK):            500

Caterham (Leafeld, UK):           260

Marussia (Banbury, UK):           220

Force India (Silverstone, UK):    300

Red Bull (Milton Keynes, UK):    690

McLaren (Woking UK):              600

Williams (Grove, UK):               520

Toro Rosso (Milton Keynes, UK) 90 (Wind Tunnel at Red Bull Technology)

Toro Rosso (Faenza, Italy):               300 (Chassis Side)

Ferrari (Maranello, Italy):          700 (Chassis side)

Sauber (Hinwil, Switzerland):     320

However, Honda will be setting up a site in Milton Keynes for maintaining the McLaren power units in 2015. As well as the numerous suppliers at the likes of Carbotech, EPM Technology, Brembo, Gill Sensors and McLaren Applied Technology not included, F1 as a whole will probably have a workforce combined of 10,000 people and a turnover of up to €4b every year. Renault and Ferrari will have a estimated 350 to 450 in their F1 engine plants, especially if they are to take on LMP1/LMP2 with their power units in 2014 for Renault under the Alpine banner and Ferrari looking at a probable 2016 or 2017 entry in LMP1 as a Manufacturer.

On top of this, I can confirm that the power unit costs will be for a season:

Renault ENERGY-F1:        €21M

Mercedes PU106A: €16.5M

Ferrari 059/3:                 €14.7M

However, this is without any other ancillary supply like Gearbox, witch for the most part will add an extra €5M to €7M a season. Costs will likely decrease over time, likely to decrease 12% year on year, with a figure of €17.5m being looked at for a whole rear end for 2016.

It seems that there has been a revolving door at Lotus, all going in one direction. However, the amount of brainpower at Mclaren will see them get a kick in the right direction and also the right impetus with the eye to 2015 and Honda power. However, I also am looking for great things from Toro Rosso in 2014 into 2015 as well as they seem to have strengthened lots more than what is needed from a Red Bull B team. Williams and Force India will be able to lay groundwork for the Williams team and also Force India will be able to punch above their weight again.

One thing is for sure, F1 is going through a period of upheaval and this can only be good for the sport and natural progression of the sport.